PlacebCo's Mission
PlacebCo's mission is to continue to authoritatively foster scalable content so that we may
collaboratively restore progressive catalysts for change while promoting personal employee growth.

Corporate Officers

* Executive Vice President of Fur Sink Architectures - Matthew Ferson
* Executive Vice President of Spanish Inquisitions - Matthew Yellen
* Determiner of Synchronicity - Daniel Gauthier
* International Man of Mystery - Dr. Robert Taylor
* Superintendent of Ceiling Tile and Fluorescent Lighting - Henry Knight
* Director of Jewish Conspiracies - Christopher A. Robbins
* Director of Mafia Relations - Vito Pepperoni
* General Counsel - Spartacus McGonagle

PlacebCo products currently in development:
* Adolph Hitler Teaches Typing (NEW!)
* ePod - The Enterprise Music Solution
* Spanish Inquisition Warning Systems
* Windows 2000 System Administrator Pants
* Engineer Decoy (with Realistic Typing Action!)
* Non-Chemotherapy [tm]
* Personal beverage transport systems

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